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The Benue PDP has given Ortom a vote of confidence



The Benue PDP has given Ortom a vote of confidence

The Benue state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has passed a vote of confidence in Governor Samuel Ortom and protested the party’s decision to refer him to its Disciplinary Committee for alleged anti-party activities.

The state chapter of the party urged its national headquarters to devote energy to ensuring the party’s rebound and repositioning, as well as reconciling members, rather than hunting dedicated and loyal party members.

The party expressed grave concern about the NWC’s decision on Governor Ortom in a statement issued Friday in Makurdi by the State Publicity Secretary, Bemgba Iortyom.

“Benue PDP finds it difficult to understand the rationale by which anti-party activities are determined at the National Secretariat by the NWC, such as seeing one of the G-5 Governors singled out for punitive action on the basis of that offence, and what the procedure is for meting out punitive measures against such anti-party activities where some persons, including Professor Dennis Ityavyar, have been suspended without facing any discipline,” the statement read in part.

“The party believes that as a state chapter, it must remind the NWC of the implications of its current action against Governor Ortom and others.”

“First and foremost, the action is in violation of a pending court injunction prohibiting the PDP at all levels from taking any punitive action against the Benue State Governor pending the outcome of a substantive suit that is pending before a court of competent jurisdiction on the matter.”

“Secondly, based on the mood within the PDP ranks in Benue, it is expected that the emphasis will now be on mending bonds of unity and internal cohesion that were badly damaged in the run-up to and during the 2023 elections, leading to the party’s massive losses at the polls against an obviously weaker opposition.”

“Never in the history of the PDP has the party performed so poorly in a Benue State election as it did in 2023, ironically at a time when its National Chairman is from the state.”

“The PDP in Benue regards the NWC’s latest action against Governor Ortom as ill-timed, given that evidence on the ground points to the governor’s steadfast loyalty and love for the PDP since rejoining the party in 2018.”

“Evidences of Governor Ortom’s loyalty and commitment to the growth and welfare of the PDP in Benue are numerous and easily verifiable, including:

“A solid track record of performance in state governance since rejoining the PDP in 2018, with landmark achievements in security, road infrastructure, education, healthcare delivery, agriculture, commerce and industry, and socio-cultural orientation, from which our great party derives credibility and solid standing before the people of Benue State.”

“Stability in party consensus building through regular interactive meetings between leadership and followership at all levels of the party in the state.”

“Regular support for party activities as required and permitted by law, such as saw the PDP coast home to victory in the 2019 elections, winning the governorship and a majority of the seats in the state’s national and state assemblies.”

“And total sponsorship of the party’s campaigns and electioneering efforts at the 2023 polls from the state down to the polling units without any support from any quarters, and being able to produce a Senator, a House of Representatives member, and ten State Assembly members in the face of heavy militarization of the Benue election environment by federal authorities under the control of the All Progressives Congress, all in the face of heavy militarization of the Benue election environment by federal authorities under the control (APC).

“The foregoing and more have elevated Governor Samuel Ortom to a position of high esteem and honour in the PDP, such that he is eligible for accolades, rather than the dishonour that the NWC’s action represents on the governor.”

“It is thus a motion of the Benue PDP SWC that a vote of confidence be passed on Governor Samuel Ortom for his unwavering loyalty and selfless, sacrificial leadership to our great party, the PDP.”

“We also urge the NWC to thoroughly investigate options for fostering reconciliation, unity, re-branding, and repositioning the party in order to reclaim its lost glory.”

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