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APC crisis: Adamu is under increasing pressure to resign.



APC crisis: Adamu is under increasing pressure to resign.

Strong signs that the National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, and National Secretary, Senator Iyiola Omisore, of the All Progressives Congress, APC, are being put under pressure to quit have surfaced ahead of this week’s meeting of the National Caucus and National Executive Committee, NEC.


Vanguard gathered that some leaders of the party had been going about with a list of alleged “sins” committed by Adamu against President Bola Tinubu weeks before the latter declared his interest in viewing for the presidency last year.

An APC official, who is privy to the internal workings of the party, disclosed that the NEC meeting, slated for Tuesday, is likely to approve a timetable for a midterm elective convention to fill party vacancies.

The party leader said: “Consequently, there are some forces within the party who are likely to meet with Adamu on Sunday night or early Monday to pressure him into resigning rather than being shown the exit door.

“As you know, many of the new state governors have not made all their appointments. Even at that, some party officials have been appointed to government.

“At the national level, it is very likely that some national officers or members of the National Working Committee (NWC) would be appointed into government. Once that is done, there will be vacancies, which will be filled through the convention. The convention could also provide a window to get Adamu out.”

Another source informed Vanguard that the move to oust Adamu would also see Omisore being eased out of the equation as some aggrieved members of the NWC have consistently accused him of running the party alone with Adamu.

The party official said the controversial audit report of the party would be one of the issues to use against Adamu.

He said: “Under our constitution, only the NEC of the party can appoint an external auditor to audit the accounts of the party, but Adamu, after being forced to render financial accounts, decided to enlist his own auditor, bypassing the NEC. He thereafter presented the report of his auditors to the NWC for ratification. The party has an auditor. Adamu should simply have allowed him to do his job and present his report to the NWC. After that, the NWC will go through the report of the National Auditor, deliberate on it, and present it to the NEC, which has the power to appoint an external auditor to go through our accounts. But this has not been the case.”

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