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Much as the sacked Managing Director of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP, Mr. Dapo Apara, has been making efforts to shake off the dirt on his reputation since June 2018 that he was relieved of his appointment for financial recklessness, investigation into the veracity of his claims and the counter accusations by his former employer reveals that Mr. Apara actually has a case to answer since the firm has discovered financial infractions and sabotage on his part.
Mr. Apara, who supervised the operations of Alpha Beta Consulting as the Managing Director for two years after serving as the Deputy Managing Director from the inception of the company, was fully in charge as he made and signed deals (and agreements) for and on behalf of the firm between 2016 and 2018. He was accorded all the rights and privileges due to his office.In fact, it was he and another partner that were the signatories to the firm’s bank accounts, the capacity which made him and the other partner the signing and paying authority for the cheques of even his successor (Mr. Akin Doherty) for more than one and half year after he had ceased to be Managing Director.
He who comes to equity, they say, must come with clean hands. Unfortunately, Mr Apara did not apply this wisdom in his dealings with the company as my interaction with some top and middle-level Management as well as Junior staffers of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP reveals that Mr. Apara should not have gone to this level because he was the “Alpha and Omega” during his tenure as the Managing Director. He had absolute authority to do and undo. Many of them believed that under his (Apara’s) leadership, the company ran a “one man show” as he was the eye and ear of the company, with absolute power and the freedom to hire and fire.
The issues of corporate governance and transparency were not given due consideration by Mr. Apara as there was no good organizational structure in place. The company was not managed as a going concern but only operated as a ‘chop-I-chop’ system. There was no concern for the needs of the clients as applications were forced down the throat of the clients and at some slightest complaints he used to switch off the system and go his way. Many requests of the client were not attended to but rather he was busy developing his personal application Erpcrebit at the expense of the needs of the client.
It took the current leadership of Mr. Akin Doherty to, among other, Identify the challenges of the company and come up with SMART corporate objectives of the company which has since been in place. The objectives are:

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