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Moment Modupe Oguntade Ruined Her Husband’s Career As Nigerian Ambassador To UK + How She Became The New HushMummy of Nigeria-



Moment Modupe Oguntade Ruined Her Husband’s Career As Nigerian Ambassador To UK + How She Became The New HushMummy of Nigeria

When the merits of honour bestowed responsibilities across the shores of Nigeria on an individual, Justice Adesola George Oguntade, he had no inkling that his wife Modupe Wemimo will ruin his efforts.

As he contemplated the possibilities of global opportunities, re-inventions and representing his country in the best light, his wife, Modupe conceived extraordinary criminal strategies on how to accumulate assets and enrich herself by the misuse of the power assigned to the office.

Finally, Mrs Modupe Wemimo Oguntade arrived in the UK, her wonderland. She relished the power and the corruption in her was determined to empty the treasure mines of wonderland before her departure.

As events began to unfold, the greedy monster in her began to provoke and unveil itself. A once upon trader of soft drinks in the slums of Mende, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos had evolved into a mini goddess – the Nigerian first lady in the UK that craved unimaginable attention and greedy appeasement. Anything her fingers touched disappeared.

Contractors were mandated and threatened to dance to her requests. With each award, her kickbacks on contracts skyrocketed above the contractor’s profit. If it wasn’t her way, it was the highway. She bled the contractors to death

Germany remembers how she falsified the benefits of her office to amass wealth. Hilton recalls how gifts of fat cash in foreign currencies developed limbs and hurriedly escaped to Africa in a private jet. In connivance with her evil trio, she spearheaded a network of crude crimes.

Anything she imagined or saw became a temptation she readily tumbled into. From power to worship, edibles to Non-edibles, from inanimate to animate, from Islam to Christianity and then to voodoo, she wanted everything – the influence, the status, the money, the people, the decorations, the furniture, carpets, mattresses, frames and cutleries.

Included in her devilish menu, were illicit sexual items. Sacred orders were made as matrimonial delicacies were served to men of unusual appetites and inordinate desires. Supposed friends of her husband placed these orders and sexual romps became regulars with the likes of Dr Ojo, a former H.O.C of the Nigeria Embassy, London, Mr Kayode Aluko, an NIA Attache to the mission, and Mr Alfred Bamidele, the accountant and chief accomplice. She intensely distributed her sexual sauce so much that she had to enhance body parts to balance her demand and supply dynamics.

The staffs had to worship her. Failure to pay their daily obeisance spelt doom. She took centre stage, disregarded corporate procedures and dished out counterproductive instructions to the staff. Progress became difficult if any staff displayed resistance or she sensed you were not ready to be subservient. Many were blacklisted and eventually frustrated out of their functions

Back in Nigeria, her male offsprings displayed a similar recklessness. They had inherited the lethal genes of their mother. Indeed, they were grateful to God that the venom of the serpent snuffed life out of their father prematurely. The first son, a university drop out through crooked means found his way to work under the administration of former Lagos State governor with false degree certificates. In partnership with his loving mother, his position with the LIRs was converted to a raketeering platform which bred corrupt practices and siphoned money from the system. In 2018, her second son was caught red handed in a sexual entanglement with a fellow male in his marital home (like mother, like son) .

After all, it was their season of grace, and they won’t be bothered about events surrounding their poor father’s demise. In the first place, he wasn’t influential enough to be alive, so It was good riddance to bad rubbish. Providence had presented them with a new father, and they had adopted him.
How that they forget so easily that time with history by its side will one day catch up with everyone.They embarked on a total abuse of privileges, disregard for a good man’s name, his legitimate and peaceful family. The plan was for illegitimacy to subdue legitimacy.

Its been a long exchange of words with my host. The curtains are drawing closer—too many ugly details. Hushpuppi has a lot to learn from Modupe Oguntade. He had to leave his wonderland in Dubai. Modupe will also have to leave her wonderland. Reality beckons on you. Nigerians await you with songs of shame to explain your greed while in London as the wife of the High Commissioner.

Exasperated, as I walked out of the confines of the hospital, my conversation with the fine gentleman re-echoes violently in my head. So much unhealthy pieces of evidence, so much mess, so many facts available. A woman of no dignity and conscience deprived and demonized a hard-working gentleman because he resisted her crooked and cold-blooded ways. I pray for your quick recovery and thank you for putting a stop to Mrs Modupe Wemimo’s greedy demands.

Close watchers of events are appalled at the dishonest extremities of this shameless woman, but most painful is the damage done to the name of a great Justice.


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