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Idoko Set to Appoint New King After Years Without a Monarch



Idoko Set to Appoint New King After Years Without a Monarch


Idoko is a town located in the Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria. The town is well known for its unique customs and traditions and is incredibly culturally and historically significant. One of the most important aspects of the town’s culture is its long-standing tradition of monarchy.


FastNews Nigeria reports that Oba HRH The late king Joseph Adeteju Adeyeye II ascended to the throne in 1988. Before taking the throne, he was a successful businessman and well-liked citizen. He had a lot of close friends, including the late Ooni of Ife Oba Okunade Sijuade, Otunba Solomon Olusesan Aoko, Alowa of Ilowa Oba Allyson, and Aloko of Iloko Ijesa Oba Oladele Olashore.


Oba Adeyeye II accomplished a lot for the town during his rule. In the community, he erected churches, schools, and programs to help widows. He also assisted several young people in obtaining permanent jobs in the local government and in studying abroad. He was a revered and highly respected king among his subjects.


Princess Florence Agboola née Adeyeye, the sister of Oba Adeyeye II, succeeded him as the town’s regent following his death. She held the position of regent for a while until the community was ready to choose a new monarch.


Idoko has a long history, and it is thought that a prince from Ido Ajinare created the town. Ido Ajinare left Ile-Ife, the Yoruba people’s ancestral home.


Other potential resources include the rich natural resources, arable land, and cultural tradition of Idoko. Sadly, the town has suffered from a deficiency in various areas since the death of the former ruler. It is hoped that the new king would uphold the legacy of his forefathers and appropriately provide for his subjects because it is expected that his installation will promote growth and advancement in the community.

Important kingmakers in Idoko include Obalora, Ejemo, Aro, Odofin, and Sajiku. These kingmakers play a key role in choosing a new king.


Following negotiations, it is believed that the next monarch will be a long-time resident of Canada and member of one of the 21 families eligible for the throne. It is believed that the process of choosing a new king would be completed in 2023, and the new ruler will be placed in Idoko before the year is out.


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