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When Peter Obi wins the 2023 election, you will wipe.

When Peter Obi wins the 2023 election, you will wipe.



FastNews report that Doyin Okupe, a former presidential adviser, on Friday rebuked those who claim that the Labour Party lacks the organizational capacity to win the 2023 presidential election.

When Peter Obi wins the 2023 election, Okupe claims that opponents of the party and its presidential candidate will grit their teeth in disgust.

He added that those who are assaulting Obi are underestimating the might of the young people who have made the decision to retake their nation.

Okupe described LP as the fastest growing party in Nigeria that sees about 100,000 new members join daily.

The former presidential aide in a post on his Twitter account wrote, “Many who deride and mock us that we have no structure will weep and gnash their teeth when Obi is elected President in 2023.

“These folks underestimate the power of a youthful population who have resolved irrevocably to take their country back and also the network of the Nigeria Labour Congress and its affiliates.”

“Labour party is the fastest growing political party in Nigeria. A nationwide survey shows the influx of abt 100,000 new members daily. Not counting those who just become OBIdient on their own, waiting to vote Peter Obi as President in 2023. Nigerians join the winning team, and become OBIdient today!”

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