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Tinubu: If elected president, I will try to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in four years.

Tinubu: If elected president, I will try to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in four years.



FastNews report that former Lagos governor Bola Tinubu, who is running for president of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says if elected, he will endeavor to provide uninterrupted electricity supply within four years of taking office.

Nigeria’s epileptic power supply has long been a source of concern, with at least 200 episodes of system failure recorded in the last decade.

In a statement released on Friday by Bayo Onanuga, the former governor’s media secretary, the former governor claimed his administration will aim for a 15,000 megawatt electricity distribution objective across the country.

“On electricity, I will embark on a renewed action-oriented focus and take immediate and urgent action on resolving existing challenges of power generation plants, gas purchasing, pricing, transmission, and distribution,” he was quoted as saying.

My administration’s critical goal is to have 15,000 megawatts distributable to all categories of consumers nationwide to ensure 24/7 sustainable supply within the next four years.”

Aside from electricity, in the manifesto titled ‘My Vision for Nigeria’, Tinubu promised to build an economy that will make the nation’s Gross Development Product (GDP) grow quicker for the next four years.

He also promised to launch a new national industrial policy focused on special i7ntervention to reinvigorate specific strategic industries.

I will focus on stimulating jobs, which will be my top priority as president. I will get Nigeria to work by launching a major public works programme, a significant and heavy investment in infrastructure, and value-adding manufacturing and agriculture,” he said.

“My administration will build an efficient, fast-growing, and well-diversified emerging economy with a real GDP growth averaging 12% annually for the next four years, translating into millions of new jobs during this period.”

The former Lagos governor also said if elected president, he will create six new regional economic development agencies which will establish sub-regional industrial hubs to exploit each zone’s competitive advantage and optimise their potential for industrial growth.

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