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Mohammed Hayatu-Deen Drops Out of PDP Presidential Election

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen Drops Out of PDP Presidential Election



FastNews reports that Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, a presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, has resigned from the campaign just hours before the party’s primary poll.

The economist and former banker stated in a letter to the party’s National Chairman, Sen. Iyiochia Ayu, that he resigned from the race on moral grounds, stressing that the entire campaign has been “obscenely monetized.”

“I entered the contest as a democrat, with an open mind to vigorously dispute and accept the outcome of a fair, credible, and transparent process,” he added. We tried to reach an agreement that would have allowed for a smooth emergence of a candidate, but we were unable to do so.

Hayatu-Deen further said, “I did not join party politics and to contest for the presidency because of personal gains and inordinate ambition but to serve our country.

“It is therefore based on personal principles and with great humility that I have decided after wide consultations to withdraw from this contest which has been obscenely monetized”

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