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My Vision for A Greater Nigeria Is Pushing Me Insane, Okorocha

My Vision for A Greater Nigeria Is Pushing Me Insane, Okorocha



My Vision for A Greater Nigeria Is Pushing Me Insane, Okorocha

Fast News reports that senator Rochas Okorocha of Imo West claims his ambition for a unified Nigeria is driving him insane.

Okorocha made the remarks during a press conference with the Nigerian Union of Journalists’ FCT chapter on Monday (NUJ).

The former governor of Imo state was honored by the FCT NUJ on his upcoming 59th birthday.

“I don’t have the ambition to be president but a vision to have a united Nigeria and that is driving me crazy,” the senator stated in response to a query on whether he will run for president in 2023.

The senator urged women to compete for power, emphasizing that they are the smarter gender.

“African woman is so great but we treat her as if she is a second-class citizen meant to serve the man but they don’t understand that a woman is first a man before becoming a woman,” he said.

“A woman is an extra man; she should have been called a man but because she has a womb that is why she is called a woman.

“They see farther than we can see and they understand better. If all women are empowered and there is financial sustainability for women, we can’t have insurgency.

“Insurgency is as a result of children taken out of their mothers because she doesn’t have the resources to keep them.

“So, women must be given a place of importance and position. But what I understand is that women want to sit and beg for power. Power is not given, power is taken.

“Women must rise and if you don’t start contesting for president, they will not give you a reason to run for governor.”

Commenting on the alleged marginalization of the south-east, Okorocha said all the Igbo need is level playing ground.

“An Igbo man does not need anything from you,” he said.

“Just give them a level playing ground. The Igbo are loud, Nigerians should understand this.”

The former governor said Nigerians have been “managing each other” since the 1914 amalgamation, adding that the country needs a “national spirit” that will foster unity.

“Nigerian was a hurried arrangement for returns to London,” he said.

“We are together but we are not together. We took over power from the colonialists without direction.”

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