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EXPOSED!!! Watch How Maureen Badejo’s lied About General Overseer of MFM, Dr Olukoy ( videos)-



Still on the matter of the cancerous woman in the body of Christ Maureen Badejo Speaking about a great man of God like Dr D.k Olukoya, I refused to let her dazzle people with her satanic mission to weaken the faith of young and innocent saints.

She is still on her satanic rampage of cooking up lies, the latest being that DR DK OLUKOYA IS IN LONDON RUNNING HELTER SKELTER OVER HER SUPPOSE EXPOSITIONS. Maureen, you are too small a person and the spirit behind you is a joker, all your nonsense I am sure are within your gullible guild.

Interestingly, the man is in Nigeria attending to the things of God and completely obvlivious of your deep madness. I believe the G.O MUST HAVE SAID A PRAYER FOR MAUREEN, because before and throughout the lockdown and till this day, he has been doing church services and prayers VIRTUALLY, including zoom meetings. So how come he is in the UK and NIGERIA at same time? He even held a live service this Sunday October 3rd ,2020.

Maureen, tell your source to do proper research before disseminating information, be them demons or humans.

She also alleged that Dr Olukoya brought down his former church CAC to start off MFM. Little does she know that Dr Olukoya still preaches and teaches at most CAC programs. Funny enough, he is still loved and respected by his former friends and colleagues and they still work together in many occasions, HE WAS GIVEN A DOCTORATE DEGREE BY THE CAC UNIVERSITY JABU, and was also given an AWARD AT THE CAC 100 YEARS CELEBRATION AND MANY OTHERS.

Maureen, are you telling us that these awards were given to him for scattering CAC? You can find most of his old and recent teachings that took place at the CAC online.
She continued with her verbose and cunning speeches that she uses to derail her gullible followers and listeners. Maureen said that Dr Olukoya always pray against People who leaves his church, especially pastors, to the tune of declaring death upon them. This is absolutely preposterous. Can Maureen Badejo give us a list of pastors who left MFM and DIED?

We are yet to hear of the death of any. WE ARE WAITING FOR A LIST OF DECEASED PASTORS. There is a saying that goes, touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm (Psalm 105:15). Maureen, if you have sense, you and your rogue pastors will understand this.

This brings me to her mentions of Dr Olukoya gathering old women of menopause to lay curse on people. This just proves that Maureen knows nothing about the man of God and it’s obvious she doesn’t know what she is talking about. If at all that he is to lay curse on people and you claim that he is an occultic man, a ritualist, do you think that he will need old women to perform his rituals?

Maureen, I can assure you that the God of ELIJAH Will soon disgrace you openly. I will say this to you again and again that Dr D.k Olukoya the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire is a MAN OF GOD OF MEN OF GOD, A PASTOR OF PASTORS AND A FATHER OF FATHERS.

You claimed that Dr OLUKOYA USE WOMEN TO TRAP HIS PASTORS AND USE IT AGAINST THEM. Maureen, don t you think that any one that calls himself a true man of God in MFM WILL NOT FALL for any kind of pervasive string? So you think that the GO of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries will stoop so low to involve himself with such antics? Madam from hell, we know that you are working with some of those pastors that were caught red handed perpetrating such acts, but what they didn’t tell you is that, it is THE POWER OF GOD, that EXPOSES such people in MFM.

Maureen Badejo alleged that Dr D.k Olukoya is using UK MONEY TO FUND MOUNTAIN TOP UNIVERSITY, MTU, I wonder if God will forgive you for that reckless statement, No wonder, IT OBVIOUS that you have no PROPER REASONING.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is one of the most blessed ministry in the world financially, but because of the spirit of humility, i wouldn’t say much on this matter, but have it at the back of your mind that a penny from the UK has never and can never be traced to the development of that school, MFM as a ministry is more than capable TO SET UP MORE THAN ONE UNIVERSITY IF GOD PERMITS. All Mountains Top Schools from nursery to university are FUNDED by the mountain of fire and Miracles ministries HQ, we are waiting for the proof of UK funding for MTU.
Maureen said that Olukoya is a lone ranger and has no relatives around him, strange; I can categorically tell you that in the nature of my Job, as a journalist, i have met a lot of general overseers, but I am yet to see a general overseer that have more relatives and spiritual children that surrounds him daily like Dr D.k Olukoya, because of his humanitarian nature and his work of deliverance, these lies are getting out of hands and you know it Maureen, for you to go all the way to say that Dr D.k Olukoya sleeps or goes about with high class prostitutes you must need psychiatric evaluation, for someone who don’t have women in his office department except those who attend to females who are manifesting, you are indeed the devil’s advocate and time will soon catch up with you Maureen you are nothing but a SHAM.

Watch videos that exposed Her lies and deceptions

Exposed! Maureen Badejo’s lies About General Overseer of MFM, Dr Olukoya

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