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Promoting Yoruba culture brought me into the limelight –Oyinbo Jesu-



I was working as an In Vitro Fertilisation nurse before I became known. I have always loved to sing. I also sang but things changed after my video. But I still have my job.

How many songs did you do before you came in the limelight?

I have some songs. But in all, I have produce two albums; Oluwamodupe and IjoAyo.

How did you feel the first time your video became popular?

We thank God. I was flattered and happy and I found it unbelievable.

What song pushed you in the limelight?

I don’t think it was the song that brought me into the limelight. I think it’s the fact that I sing in Yoruba including fusing my song with highlife to the level a proper Yoruba would do without a mistake. The fact that I promote the Yoruba culture proudly is what brought me into the limelight

Which is your favourite among your songs?

My favourite is IjoAyo. It summarises the whole essence of what Jesus has done for us. We rejoice in the works of salvation.

What has fame taken away from you?

I will not allow fame to take anything away from me. I am me and I will always want to remain myself. I don’t pray for fame to get into my head.

Which of your songs would you describe as the most challenging?

I can’t say I face challenges per se. With God’s help, songs come easily.

Do you still keep the same circle of friends after fame?

I keep a small group of friends and I think it’s absolutely a great thing to do.

What do you miss about your life before stardom?

I don’t miss anything. I have grown as a person. I am still me and my life is still my life. I love the life that I lead.

Who are your role models?

My role models are my husband who teaches me everything I know and my parents who taught me to remain humble at all times.

How did your family members react when you started to sing Yoruba songs.

My family is proud of me. The majority of my family members are into music in one way or  the other. They know I will never throw away my culture.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

The fact that I get to do what I love.

Who are the Nigerian artistes you look forward to collaborating with?

I would love to feature hip-hop stars such as Davido, Wizkid  and Tiwa Savage in a gospel original Yoruba way.

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