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Boat engine exploded after developing fault – Survivor-



Beyond night travel which LASWA and LASEMA attributed to the accident, one of the survivors, who identified himself only as Layiwola, revealed that the boat engine exploded due to a mechanical fault.

“As the journey progressed, the engine exploded suddenly and people started shouting and jumping into the water. I sat in the middle of the boat.”

Layiwola, who was going to visit someone in Ikorodu, said death stared him in the face but God saved him.

He added, “We all wore life jackets. I think the suddenness of the incident caused panic which made many people to jump into the water. Also, some people didn’t fasten their life jackets and the wave was high. Some of us held on to the boat until another ferry met us there and rescued us. Other boats later came from Ebute-Ero to rescue more people. I live on Lagos Island.”

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