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I Paid a Surprise Visit to My Daughter in School, But What I saw In Her Room Broke Me [Fiction]



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We just moved down from River State to Lagos because my husband was transferred over to Lagos by his Boss to handle the branch in Lagos State. My husband said he would love to go with us because we were living in a rented apartment in River state, and he also wanted us to have a taste of the life in Lagos. However, I also wanted to protect my children from other children that could corrupt them in Lagos. 

We sent them to a private school in Lagos and also ensured that we kept watch of the type of friends they kept. I had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl was the oldest, and she was just 14 when we moved to Lagos. She was one of the most intelligent students in her class, and she always won a lot of prices in school, I was so proud of her. My son on the other hand was struggling to have good grades, but I believed he was going to get better with his books because he was still very young.

3 years later my family had already acclimatized to the life in Lagos, and my daughter just gained admission to one of the most prestigious institutions in Lagos. I trusted her so much and was so sure that she was going to come out with distinctions from the University. Coupled with the fact that she was cool headed and religious, I believed I had nothing to fear.

She left for school and we kept in touch through calls and messages. We also chatted online from time to time, and I was aware about everything that was happening there in her school because I was her mother. Then she stopped replying my messages early, and always said she would call me back anytime I called. The only time she calls is when she needed money to buy some things in school. I talked to her about it and she said it was because she was so occupied with school activities.

This went on for some months and I knew she was stressing herself out. So, I and my husband bought a lot of food stuffs and beverages for her. I wanted to inform her about our impending visit, but my husband told me to make our visit a surprise, so I agreed. We left on Sunday after church by 3pm because the journey to her school wasn’t up to 2 hours and that is if there would be hold up. We got there late because of the hold up. We moved straight to the hostel where she stayed and walked down to her room.

When we got to the front of her door, we saw lots of girls’ slippers at the front of the room, but we didn’t think much of it because she had roommates. We pushed the door and what we saw shocked us. Our 17-year-old daughter was in bed with another girl both unclad, I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

 I fell down and started crying uncontrollably and my husband just stood there in shock, I thought to myself “How did this happen, what got into our daughter, she was very calm and religious, why then did she do this”.

My daughter just looked at me and said she loved her girlfriend so much and didn’t care about what anyone thinks. My husband asked about the other girls in the room and she said they left so that she could have an alone time with her girlfriend, I was broken.

How did something like this happen in a school’s hostel with the knowledge of the other girls in the room, I was so confused.

Parents do you know what your children are really doing in school?

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