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MeCure Smart App To Cover 10,000 Doctors



As businesses continue to grapple with challenges due to the coronavirus, innovation is the key to remaining in business.

To this end, to cater to the surging demand for telemedicine services, MeCure Smart, an app that allows online consultations, has partnered HelloDocApp, the largest online community of doctors in Nigeria, to bring more than 10,000 doctors on its platform.

This is to cater for patients who  prefer remote consultations, since this allows the doctors and patients a very safe and effective environment to manage healthcare in the pandemic time, said Ajinkya Shelar, product manager  of MeCure Smart.

“When we launched MeCure Smart in April 2019, we were simply conducting an experiment: Is the Nigerian market ready for healthcare services through a digital platform.

Up to February 2020 and we were not able to handle the sheer volume of calls anymore. The scale and demand for tele-medicine services is overwhelming.

“Hence, we decided to tie up with HelloDoc. This partnership will allow us to onboard 4000+ doctors across every specialty ranging from general physicians to even neurosurgeons on our MeCure Smart app immediately and we intend to further expand it to up to 10,000+ doctors by end of 2020.

We hope that through this initiative anyone in Nigeria will immediately have access to quality and affordable healthcare that is also COVID safe,” Shelar added.

He explained that the MeCure Smart -HelloDoc partnership works as a pure marketplace. This, he said, means that customers can browse doctors by specialty and compare them by prior customer feedback, ratings and even pricing, adding that each doctor on the platform has a verified Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) certificate and is vetted through a rigorous background check.

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