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Ecobank Provides 9% Interest Rate on Supersavers Accounts



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Ecobank Provides 9% Interest Rate on Supersavers Accounts

Ecobank Nigeria, a subsidiary of the Ecobank Group, has announced mouthwatering interest rates on its SuperSavers accounts.

The SuperSavers account is a high-yield savings account type tailored for customers who wish to maximise their returns on savings while benefiting from a customer-focused banking experience.

The six-month reward programme runs between January and June 2024.

Ayodele Osolake, the Head of Premier Banking & Wealth Management, says this is part of the bank’s strategic initiatives to continuously encourage a savings culture, enabling customers of the bank to earn more money to safeguard a better financial future.

“At Ecobank, we make it easy for our customers by providing a special high-yield account type to warehouse their funds securely instead of them falling prey to speculative and windy investment windows.

Beyond the high yield and financial safety, our clients retain the flexibility to access their funds when required.

Further, she said, “Ecobank is mindful of the economic challenges and will constantly encourage our customers to hedge against possible future financial downturns, enabling them to meet demands like travel, school fees, and building projects, among other life demands.

The Supersavers Account, which comes in local and foreign currency variants, encourages them to save and build their wealth simultaneously.

It is packaged in such a way that customers would benefit immensely. I want to encourage our new and existing customers to make the best of this opportunity.”

Ms. Osolake explained that “to qualify for the additional interest rate, customers need to open and fund their supersavers Naira account with a minimum deposit of N500,000.00 while building the account up gradually.

She clarified that customers could still retain access to their funds, being entitled to two withdrawals per month, without losing the benefit of the SuperSavers interest rate!

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