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Customers outraged, frustrated as GTBank Mobile app shuts down



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Customers outraged, frustrated as GTBank Mobile app shuts down

Bank unable to fix issues 4 days after, app cloned


Customers of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) have expressed frustration about the use of the bank’s mobile app amid disruption in the bank’s digital operations.

This is as a result of a major outage.

The bank had on Tuesday informed its customers via text and email messages that its app would be automatically updated to the new version on 12 July.

“On the 12 July, we will release the new and updated version of the GTWorld Mobile Banking App to Play Store and App Store. This means that when you launch the GTWorld Mobile Banking App, you will see a newly designed interface if you have App Updates set on automatic.

“However, if App Update is not set to automatic on your mobile device, you will need to manually update your GTWorld Mobile App to experience the newly designed app. Please note that we will discontinue support of the current version of the GTWorld App on 12 August,” the message read.

However, since Wednesday, GTBank customers have faced challenges with the app updates, as many customers said that they were not adequately informed about the need to enable auto-updates for the app.

Some users reported that the app froze after entering their phone number, preventing them from proceeding any further. Others said they were locked out of their accounts after multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in.

At the height of the frustration, some customers decided to delete the app in hopes of resolving the login issues, only to realise that both the new and old versions of the app were missing from the App Store.

This is even worse as the GTWorld updated application is said to have closed by fraudsters.

Many have since been unable to access banking services.

“I even deleted it, now I can’t find both the new and old app on the App Store,” one customer, Oluwadamilare, said.

Another individual, Azyzah, expressed frustration by stating, “Am completely stuck, only God knows how many times I’ve clicked proceed after inputting my phone number. God! Nothing is proceeding. And I hardly do this update thing, but woke up to it, guess there is an automatic update set somewhere on my phone. It’s really frustrating right now.”

Olukotun Gideon, a customer, wrote: “I came to Twitter for this. I just saw my app icon change and decided to log in… Tried repeatedly till I was locked out. One hour after, I retried and it went worse. Then I uninstalled and decided to install… Unfortunately, it’s no longer on App Store. GTB… Let us breathe.”

An aggrieved customer said he started experiencing the problem after GTBank launched a new app for its customers on Wednesday.

He said the problem reached its peak on Saturday after attempts to use the app and 737 code failed.

“I went to a branch nearby to use the ATM for transfer, but still it did not work,” said the customer who simply identified himself as Omezia.

Several GTBank customers took to Twitter to express grievances over the inability to use banking services.

They also displayed screenshots to back up their claims.

Below are some of such comments:

Tweeting via, @gimbakakanda, one Gimba Kakanda, said: “Innalillah. I was here laughing at those who had rushed to update their @gtbank app, only to find out that mine had updated automatically. It’s gonna be a long weekend.”

@detolani said: “Now this is just totally messed up! @gtbank @gtbank_help. Locked out of my account because of your “upgraded” app. Worst part of all this outrage from everyone using Gtb is that no one would be held accountable within the system! How can you screw up this badly?!”

@Mayor38: “GTB una no dey try. After updating your app to log I. Became a problem. Thank God I could revert back to the old one easyly #gtbank DON’T INSTALL THE NEW GT WORLD APP YET”

@_DiorBaby: “UPDATE If you are using Android and you are having issues logging in to your GTbank mobile app due to the new update. You can redownload the old version of the App from the Palm store. The old version is still there. Peter Obi 25% in FCT Qudus Buhari.”

@ShegunTweets: “I swear it shall not be well with @gtbank. nobody asked them for a new app, they now did it and locked out millions of users just because they refuse to send otp code. since July 12th I’ve not been able to do anything for bast’s sake. is this not madness???”

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