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Peter Obi: Through agriculture, I’ll reshape Northern Nigeria



If elected president of Nigeria in 2023, Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has pledged to transform the Northern area of Nigeria through agriculture. FastNews reports.

Obi made this promise at a virtual meeting with Labour Party support groups on Friday.

He said, “I am going to change the region. We need to cultivate arable land there; respected Nigerians from the North have ruled this country but the ten poorest states are from the region.”

Obi promised he would focus on the North due to the region’s enormous potential that needs to be tapped and harnessed.

“Our economic problems arising from poor leadership do not discriminate on the basis of religion or tribe,” he stated.

Obi said the country’s leadership should not continue to repeat the same methods that are not working.

“There is nowhere in Nigeria where a person buys cheaper bread because he is a Muslim or a Christian,” he said.

The Labour Party candidate urged citizens not to vote for him or any 2023 contestant on ethnic or religious considerations.

Noting that he is most qualified in the presidential race, Obi said his antecedents and qualifications are open for scrutiny.

He said, “I am the only governor in Nigerian history who finished eight years, left money, built infrastructure, owed no contractor, salary or pension.”

He said, with what he had in mind, “the North will forever remain grateful.”

Obi added that the region has the most unemployed youths, out-of-school children, and the worst school kidnapping record globally.

“(The) 2023 election must not be on entitlements based on religion or tribe but on competence, character, and what you did before,” he said.

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