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Peter Obi on CNN: Nigeria’s issues won’t be resolved overnight (Video)



According to Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP).

However, he asserted that the problems the nation is currently facing may be resolved and emphasized the necessity for a professional and dedicated leader to do so.

During his interview on the Cable News Network, Obi revealed the information (CNN).

In the course of the interview, the anchor of Zain Exchange, Zain Asher, who described him as the most popular candidate among the young people asked, ”Nigerians are used to being disappointed by their leaders, can all the problems of Nigeria which are corruption, oil theft, insecurity, physical.. be solved by one person?

Reacting to the question, Obi said, “If we have a leader that is competent, has the capacity, and commitment to deal with it, no one will solve it overnight. But there will be clear, visible, measurable attempts to deal with it. And they are things that are solvable. There are things they can be dealt with decisively.”

When he was quizzed on what his plan is to get Nigeria out of its current economic woes, Obi said that security is the first thing that needs to be put in place in the country.

He explained that with security in place in the country, farmers will be able to go back to the farm.

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