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APC Chieftain Anthony Obekpa: In Benue, We Are Losing Members To the Labour Party

APC Chieftain Anthony Obekpa: In Benue, We Are Losing Members To the Labour Party



FastNews reports that the All Progressives Congress (APC) leader Anthony Obekpa claims that the party is losing supporters to the Labour Party (LP) in the state’s Ogbadibo LGA.

Austin Agada, the chairman of the Benue APC, is unconcerned about the situation in his LGA, according to a statement from Obekpa, despite efforts to meet with him to find a long-term solution.

The chieftain said the outcome of the situation would be devastating during the 2023 polls if nothing is done to address it.

“It is no longer news that our immediate past local government secretary Hon Eloyi Ogbe has moved to the labour party. His decision to defect to the labour party is obviously not unconnected to recent developments in the APC leadership in Ogbadibo and zone C in general,” the statement reads.

Our staunch members are defecting daily. Our state chairman, Comrade Austin Agada it seems is not bothered about the candidates from Ogbadibo winning or not.

“I think he is content being the chairman and having Rev. Fr. Alia as Governorship candidate. I don’t have his ears anymore. I am not on the same page with him as he has made some people believe.

“He is not communicating with me. The scouts of the Labour Party are hoovering around APC stakeholders. Their aspirants are consulting, recruiting and convincing our party faithful.

We must do something except if we have all decided to abandon the party.

If the party wins at the centre and we don’t have representatives at the state assembly and national assembly I am sure we all know we will be back to square one.”

Obekpa said no matter what happens, he would not leave the APC.

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