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Business Owners, HR Hail BridgeGap’s Innovative ‘56 Bridge’ As App Goes Live

Business Owners, HR Hail BridgeGap’s Innovative ‘56 Bridge’ As App Goes Live



• App Set to simplify Recruitment Process

56 Bridge, the Innovative App created by BridgeGap Consults Limited is now live to aid seamless connection between employers and employees.

Specifically, the app helps recruiters to attract and hire top talents from any part of the world, while facilitating job seekers to apply for jobs, write tests and attend interviews from the comfort of their homes.

The recruitment App, which was showcased during a virtual live exhibition on Monday, demonstrated how organizations can revolutionise job applications, improve efficiency and reduce bottlenecks in the overall recruitment processes.

While emphasising that the app was created in line with the company’s vision of streamlining processes in the workplace especially in human resource functions, Mosunmola Obembe, CEO of BridgeGap Consulting – the parent company of 56Bridge, said that users can download the App from the Apple Store, Android Play store or through the company website.

“With 56 Bridge, employers of labour can easily shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, rate candidates as well as conduct employment tests while generating comprehensive recruitment reports. On the other hand, candidates can also create profiles, download resumes, apply for advertised jobs and take interviews,” Obembe said.

The CEO rolled out the unique features of 56 Bridge app to organizations and job seekers including Job postings which allows organisations post jobs for potential applicants; employment tests, where recruiting organizations can set employment tests for job seekers and set either live or video Interviews, the app allows candidates to take such interviews from any location.

According to Obembe, other features of the app include Candidate Ratings, which allows for scoring and rating of candidates on the go; Video Library, Analytics Reports and SMS/Email Interview Invites.

Business owners and human resources practitioners at the official launch commended the company for the App, as some clients who have been making use of the App said that it is indeed a solution to many of the challenges faced by recruiters and applicants.

For instance, the Managing Director, Chams Plc, Mr. Gaving Young, said the app comes in very useful depending on the role and available skills, adding ‘56bridge has simplified the process of matching the right skills for the right roles from the vast market.

Other users of the App including Kema Ezeazor, Head Human Resources at Greenlife Pharmaceuticals and Precious Josiah of DX Technologies Limited hailed the new app during day 56 “live activation” of 56 Bridge App.

BridgeGap Consults Limited has been providing multidisciplinary professional service to both local and international organizations since 2008. The firm has worked with clients in various industries and of various sizes, finding solutions thus adding value to the business world.

Driven by the culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices; BridgeGap has combined its vision with the delivery of services that exceed customer’s expectations. The company believes that people are the best asset of any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market share.

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