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BUA Foods Announces the Resignation of Isyaku Rabiu from the Board of Directors.



FastNews reports that Isyaku Naziru Rabiu has resigned as an executive director of BUA Foods Plc, the largest indigenous food producer in Nigeria, with effect from August 17, 2022.

In order for the company to comply with the regulatory requirements of the Securities & Exchange Commission Corporate Governance Guidelines (2020) and the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance, on family and interlocking directorship, which stipulates that not more than two members of the same family shall sit on the Board of a public company at the same time, this announcement was included in a recent regulatory disclosure by BUA Foods Plc to the Nigerian Exchange.

Prior to his appointment as a member of the Board of BUA Foods in November 2021 (which later became publicly listed BUA Foods Plc in January 2022), Isyaku Naziru was a Director of IRS Pasta & Flour Limited which later merged with other companies to form BUA Foods. Isyaku Naziru Rabiu, however remains an Executive of BUA Foods Plc with his portfolio remaining unchanged.

Isyaku Naziru Rabiu holds a degree in Business Economics from the University of Hertfordshire and held other previous roles within the organisation including as fommercial director of IRS Pasta & Flour Limited.

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