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Yomi Fabiyi Deny His Wife, Grace, In Public While Speaking About Their Marriage Crisis?

Yomi Fabiyi Deny His Wife, Grace, In Public While Speaking About Their Marriage Crisis?



Actor Yomi Fabiyi, who is well-known in Nollywood, has finally spoken out about his allegedly troubled marriage to Grace Jimoh.

Grace, who gave birth to a kid this year with Yomi, reportedly screamed out about being taken advantage of by the actor.

Grace said that her and her husband’s marriage was having problems and that they had made preparations to leave their house in a conversation with an anonymous Instagram blogger.

Although she was not specific about the problems surrounding their alleged breakup but claimed she was being used by Yomi.

According to Grace, Yomi always acts like the victim, blames her for the issues in their marriage and also makes people believe his words.

Reacting to this, Yomi in a series of Twitter posts slammed the faceless Instagram blogger who engaged Grace in a conversation about their marriage crisis.

Yomi subtly denied he was never married to Grace stating he had only been married once and it lasted for ten years.

He added that he gave full honour, respect, and support to the woman who gave birth for him deserves.

He said: “Should one stupid, coward, faceless quack, criminal blogger, who defy’s every lawful ethics gives a VIOLENT, blackmailer and pathetic liar audience bother me? I gave full honour, respect & support a woman who birth 4 me deserves. I have only been MARRIED ONCE and it lasted 10yrs”

“SOCIAL MEDIA & SECRET BLOGGING: If what you are doing is right. You are sure ur family, the law will be proud of you, there should NEVER be reason to hide your identity from the public or authority. ONLY CRIMINALS OPERATE THAT WAY & ONLY CRIMINALS PROMOTES & FAN SUCH Disgusting”

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