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Sports betting Jackpot: All You Need to Know about it-



Though recreational, sports betting has made quite a lot of individuals become millionaires with various betting options and particularly the sports betting jackpots available to punters.

Punters globally still struggle with how to win jackpots and how the whole sports jackpot system works.

In this piece, we will be discussing all you need to know about sports jackpots and some tips you can employ to win a sports jackpot.

What Is a Sports Betting Jackpot? A Sports Jackpot is a special promotion bookmakers offer to their players which gives them a chance for a huge winning if they can predict certain outcomes correctly or fulfill certain conditions.

The jackpots are part of a special betting pool, where a percentage of the money that you bet goes towards the combined prize pool, making it a progressive jackpot.

Tips for Winning a Sports Betting Jackpot: Although winning a jackpot can result in some luck, it also depends on how you approach it, and the strategy and techniques you use.

1. Analyzing the games It has to be said that there are infinite possibilities for the outcomes of jackpot games. To walk away with the whole amount, you must get all the predictions right; and this is no easy feat. To make correct predictions, you must take your time to analyze all the games in the jackpot. In sports, factors like the teams’ previous meetings, any injuries, transfers, game conditions, and suspensions. All these have to be done without emotions. Hence I will advise you to forget betting on your favorite team.

2.Don’t Rely on the odds A team with fewer odds doesn’t necessarily mean it will win. Well, they could, but while betting for the jackpot, look beyond the odds.

Do your extra analysis if you want to avoid disappointments such as a weaker team thrashing the one with the best odds. 3. Consistency Winning the first time is never assured. So, keep trying. Many people who have won attempted several times.

The earlier stages of betting are largely for horning your analytical skills and strategies. The more you play the higher the chances of winning.

However, remember to stay disciplined and only bet the money you are willing to lose. Making Money from Sports Jackpot:

You certainly can make a lot of money from sports jackpot, but it does depend on one’s ability to predict correctly as well as a great of luck.

If you want to keep winning and avoid losses, bet responsibly, with an amount you are willing to lose. Also: • Research before playing.

Rule number one of football betting is that the punter must gather as much information as possible before placing a bet.

• Remain Analytical.

• Profit is Profit no Matter How Small.

• Remember, You Will Not Win Every Time.

.To win a jackpot is not an everyday feat, but with the right strategy and skills, you can always increase your chances of winning and betBonanza is one platform offering you this.

betBonanza is a fast-growing Nigerian sports betting brand launched in 2014. betBonanza offers you a wide range of products and services including virtual, sports, and online casinos.

Speaking of jackpots, their sports jackpot is one you should play. Their monthly Sports Jackpot allows you to win up to 100k weekly.

Apart from their sports jackpot, they also offer jackpots on their virtuals and their exclusive bonanzaballz.

Their virtual jackpots, inclusive of both virtual football and color-color, are divided into 3;

• The Bronze jackpot has its winnings ranging from three thousand Naira to ten thousand.

•The Silver jackpot has its winnings ranging from 100 thousand to 200 thousand Naira

•The Gold jackpot which winning ranges between two million and three million Naira.

The amazing fact about their virtual jackpot is the fact it drops randomly on any player bet ticket, irrespective of the outcome of the games featured on that ticket.

Hence, a player who may have lost his bet due to the outcome of games on his slip can win these jackpots. The bonanzaballz jackpot is one you will fall in love with.

The jackpots available on bonanzaballz are split into two; The Hot Jackpot: Winning this jackpot simply entails you selecting 6 numbers between 0 and 9 that you think will correspond with the jackpot numbers.

If 5 of the 6 numbers predicted are drawn in a particular order just as the jackpot numbers, the punter wins the Hot Jackpot. No additional stake is required for this.

Once you place your normal bet, you are automatically entered into the Hot Jackpot contest.

The Mega Jackpot: Wining the mega jackpot appears easier, as what the punter must ensure is that all the six numbers predicted correspond with the jackpot numbers in the same order not randomly.

A punter needs to select 6 numbers between 0 and 9 and ensure they correspond with the jackpot numbers.

If all the six numbers predicted correspond with the jackpot numbers in the same order, the punter has won himself/herself the Mega Jackpot.

Over time a few individuals that partook in this jackpot process have returned with encomiums and praises after getting their winnings.

One of them is a Mr. Shola from Illorin, Nigeria who had this to say after he won a jackpot; “At first I did not believe at all. I thought it was a lie. because I just lost a ticket. That is why I immediately wanted to withdraw one million naira. So I was asked to verify my account and send details like Voter’s Card, Electricity Bill, and Proof of Last Deposit. So when I did, I was able to withdraw the money, and I saw money cash in my hand. Sincerely, it was unbelievable, from just ₦50 I won over 2.6 Million Naira.

I just could not believe it.” (Sic) Quizzed about the bet that won him the jackpot, Mr. Shola had this to say;

“It was a Virtual bet played. The game was Tottenham vs. Norwich, and I played it with ₦50. Sadly, the game did not even come, as it ended in a draw. It was after that loss, I went to check my account to see how much I had left. It was then I saw a huge figure that I could not explain.

The virtual jackpot that I had been seeing all this while luckily dropped on my ticket, and the money was over 2.6 Million Naira” (Sic) Looking for a place where you can win big with varieties of jackpots? betbonanza is a place you should visit.

Their unique and readily available jackpots laced with amazing bonuses are one you should try out. Get into the action and play now.

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