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Terrorists assassinating Christians in Zamfara can charge Buhari

Terrorists assassinating Christians in Zamfara can charge Buhari



Terrorists assassinating Christians in Zamfara can charge Buhari

FastNews reports that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has charged President Muhammadu Buhari with putting an end to the killing of Christians in Zamfara State by terrorists before they resort to self-defense.

It also urged the state’s security agencies to protect churches in order to prevent terrorists from carrying out their threats against Christians.

Joseph Bade Daramola, General Secretary of CAN, made the plea in response to a threat letter sent to Christians in the state requesting that they cease worship and close down churches or face attacks.

In a statement issued, yesterday, Daramolasaid:. “Now that a Federal High Court has declared the bandits as terrorists, we ask the police, the military, and other security agencies to tackle the terrorists, who have turned kidnapping into a big business in the North East”,

He lamented that with the way and manner in which the security agencies operate.
have been treating insurgency lately, there was no hope of winning the war against terrorism in the country.

“Criminals are criminals irrespective of their religious, political and ethnic
affiliations and they should be treated as such.

We also urge the Department of State Security (DSS) and Inspector General
of Police (IGP) to investigate those speaking for the terrorists with a view to
unmasking their sponsors and beneficiaries of their criminality.

“In a recent visit to Sokoto and Kebbi states, the leadership of CAN was alarmed at the record of criminals, who are killing and kidnapping Christians in the zone, as if there was a pact between them and security agencies.

“Now that the leaderships of Christianity and Islam are working together on how to stop their criminality in the North West, they are now trying to introduce divisive ways by declaring war against Christians and churches in the zone especially in Zamfara State where they are gradually turning into their stronghold,” the statement reads.

BESIDES, the Atiku Kawai Media Group has urged President Buhari to end insecurity in the country and unite Nigerians before leaving office in 2023.

The group said the President should stop showboating and address insecurity, which it said, was seriously disrupting the country’s economy.

It disclosed that it would convene town hall meetings in the six geo-political zones of the country with the theme: Making A Case for National Unity And Prosperity.

Chairman, Organising Committee of the Atiku Abubakar National Town Hall
the meeting, Dare Akinniyi, in a statement, yesterday, said the move was to find a lasting solution to the several challenges facing the country.

Akinniyi noted that the state of the country required urgent collective efforts
to stop the growing negative vices affecting the welfare of Nigerians, adding
that the Federal Government was overwhelmed with incompetence and
cluelessness on how to effectively perform its statutory roles.

ALSO, a coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) has called on the Katsina State Government to restore mobile network services in frontline councils.

It lamented that the time it had taken to restore a network in the state was making the war against banditry and other crimes lose steam.

In a statement issued by Acting Chairman, Umar Imam and Secretary-General, Rabiu Maska, the group said bandits had devised other ways of communication amongst themselves, a situation, which had enabled
Let them continue their onslaught on hapless communities.

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