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Tinubu’s London Campaign Posters

Tinubu’s London Campaign Posters




Tinubu’s London Campaign Posters

FASTNEWS reports that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the leader of the All-Progressives Congress, has begun a media blitz in London for his presidential campaign in 2023.

Images of the APC leader, who is recovering in London, were displayed at some train stations in a viral video shared by Arise TV on Monday.

Some claim that the advertisements can also be seen at Heathrow Airport.

Tinubu’s photos were also strewn across the walls and escalator.

Tunde Rahman, Tinubu’s spokesman, said, “We don’t know who is behind it.”

He speculated that it could be Nigerians living abroad.

“Asiwaju for 2023,” “Call to Serve, Let’s Go,” “Asiwaju the right man for the job,” “Yes We Can,” and “Asiwaju Ready to Serve” were some of the messages in the ad blitz.

The campaign has been captured in screenshots by P.M. News.

Many groups have formed in recent months to campaign for Tinubu, with the expectation that he will soon declare his interest in succeeding Buhari in 2023.

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