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Chris Okotie: Focus On Your Lane-



Fastnews Nigeria reports why Richard Akinnola explodes and asked Chris Okotie to focus on his lane.

Rev. Chris Okotie, how would it sound, after you are dead, that someone writes as your epitaph-“the pastor whose two marriages crashed, a pastor who could not handle two marriages. Here lies a pastor who serially lied to us that God told him he wouId be president of Nigeria in 2003, 2007 and 2019”. Go and ask God for forgiveness over that trash you wrote about T.B. Joshua.

Mark it, there would be surprises in heaven. Some of these self-righteous individuals who act as heaven’s gatekeepers, would even challenge God why he allowed some people into heaven -that is, if they themselves even manage to make heaven. This is an individual race. T.B. Joshua has completed his. Focus on your lane while waiting for your turn. So much for self-righteousness.

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