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See The Moment Nigerian Magician, Babs Cardini, Turned Water Into Wine on Live TV [Video]-



Fastnews Nigeria reports how a young man turned water into wine

In this video which depicted the moment a Nigerian magician, Babatunde Kasumu popularly known as Babs Cardini, turning water into wine on live TV has surfaced on the internet.

The mentioned video that has become a growing sensation on the social media, show’s the young star, performed the water to wine stunt on Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s Rubbin Minds morning show.

The video captured the moment Cardini poured some water into a glass cup which later changes into wine. Undoubtedly, Magician Babs Cardini continues to wows his audiences by performing this unimaginable tricks.

The 19-year-old has been a fan of magic since the age of five, but only started practicing at 16.

Watch the video below;

@nigerian_princess1 wrote; ‘If it’s not edited guy they poured some kinda liquid in that cup that dries up and changes it’s color omo no be me una go give migraine”

@oyinameen wrote; ‘Jesus Christ is back’

@kokoma_bassey wrote; ‘The more u look the less u see’

@real_benie0 wrote; ‘God this boy is gon mke me mad…how does he do all this???’

@bolajistlawrence wrote; ‘‘Terrible Cameraman. Zoomed in late so as far as I’m concerned”

@nmacharles wrote; ‘As par Jesus great great great great grandson abi’

See Video below:

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