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Meet The Youngest Mother Who Nearly Died Delivering At The Age Of 8-



Fastnews Nigeria reports the 8 year old girl who delivered a baby boy.

It has been reported that an 8 years old girl, who got herself pregnant in secret without the notice of her guardians who she lived with all this while. No one around her noticed the little girl was pregnant till her time of delivery.

People were Shocked when it was confirmed that she was pregnant the night she complained severely and was rushed to the hospital for check up. Her guardians trusted her so much and never thought she would put herself in such at this early stage

Luleka mzizi had a healthy baby boy. Her parents had no idea she was pregnant until they saw the baby with their own eyes.

Luleka began to gain weight, and her parents assumed that she was gaining weight because they were feeding her nutritious foods.

Her baby bump was not very large; she just appeared to be overweight.

The little girl began to complain about gramps and back pain in the middle of the night, and the pain became more serious.

Her parents agreed to take her to the hospital to seek assistance.

When they arrived at the hospital, the girl was examined and admitted, after which her parents were informed of her condition. It was at that point they knew their girl was pregnant since that day, and she had a delivery sign.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy and spent two months in coma at the hospital.

After giving birth, she did not return to her previous level of performance.

She became as weak as anything and could no longer do certain things on her own.

Her parents looked after the baby and hoped that their daughter would recover quickly.

She was just 8 years old and no one knew when she got herself pregnant. It was difficult for her to identify the father of the child since she claimed sleeping with 4 guys before she got pregnant.

She was taken out of the coma after two months, but she was not allowed to leave the hospital.

She still needs special medication out of the house to survive since she was too young for such successful delivery. The doctors claimed the linens in her womb was not matured enough but she managed to deliver safely without any surgical operation

I have been bed mating four guys randomly all this while of which they’ re all not aware of, so I don’ t really know who got me impregnated” , the young mother, 8 years of age claimed.

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