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See Reasons Multichoice Yanked Off Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife From DSTV Network Broadcast And How She Begged To Be Reabsorbed-



Fastnews Nigeria reports the moment No Abudu was yanked off DSTV

Fans do not need to trouble themselves anymore as to why EbonyLife is not showing on channel 165 again.

People and those fans that have access to the channel of EbonyLife TV a cable television network on DSTV Channel 165 have been wondering why they can no longer watch the channel since it was yanked off the cable network in July 2020.

Fresh facts have emerged on the reasons the program was yanked off the cable TV.

This online news platform gathered from a reliable source that Mo Abudu, the founder and president of EbonyLife TV lost her slot in the cable television due to her pride and Oliver Twist attitude towards the business arrangement between her and the South African company.

An insider revealed that greed and misplaced arrogance on the part of Mo Abudu caused her to suffer this huge loss. She has since been licking her wounds and biting her fingers because she had envisaged that she would be smiling more regularly to the banks if the business arrangement had sailed through successfully. But due to her Oliver twist attitude, she lost her slot and has since been booted out of Multichoice.

It was gathered that in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mo Abudu and the management of DSTV was supposed to go back to the negotiation table to reach a consensus over the re-arrangement of payment structure, following the rise in the dollar rate. While the company offered to maintain making the payment in naira, Mo Abudu was reported to have declined the offer and insisted on being paid in dollars. She was said to have rebuffed the pleas made to her to reconsider her decision.

Another inside source revealed that Multichoice was infuriated by what was described as Mo Abudu’s “arrogant stance and unfounded grandstanding over the new arrangement for payment structure. The source disclosed that EbonyLife TV contents were not that even among the most-watched on Multichoice channels. Besides, it was gathered that what was being paid to Mo Abudu did not commensurate with the contents her TV company was churning out.

So, when Multichoice realized that it could do without Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife TV, it decided to yank it off its list of channels.

According to the source, “It is quite unfortunate that Mo Abudu, who always prided herself as a knowledgeable person could allow herself to be ill-advised. She really over-priced herself and over-estimated her worth. When the dollar rate skyrocketed during the pandemic last year, Mo Abudu was advised to be paid in naira like other content providers, but she vehemently disagreed. When Multichoice reviewed her company’s performance, the organization realized it could do without it, so it was yanked off”,
an insider revealed.

Sources disclosed that when it finally dawned on Mo Abudu that Multichoice was not going to rescind its decision, she allegedly resorted to begging, by lobbying a high-ranking director in the organization to come to her rescue. She reportedly swallowed her initial gra-gra attitude (pride) and begged him to influence the organization to re-absorb her, but it was too late. Sources disclosed that Mo Abudu bombarded the top director with numerous calls and text messages, which were snubbed by him.

Promoted as Africa’s first Global Black Entertainment & Lifestyle network, EbonyLife Tv announced that it was leaving the channel for its own EbonyLife ON app platform. But unknown to many she was yanked off the cable channel and even the ON APP she claimed to be operating you hardly see anyone talking about the channel again as it seems to have died and failed woefully.
Founder and President of EbonyLife Network, Mo Abudu, said on her social media handle sometime last year that the network will, effective July 31, 2020, provide some of its content to people who subscribe to EbonyLife ON app.
As of today, the overall subscribers on the app are five thousand plus, which cannot be compared to its viewership on the DSTV cable network, this is more reason why many followers have concluded that the program is gone and dead for life.


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