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How We Received Yinka Odumakin’s Death Prophecy–



Yinka Odumakin’s Death, How We Received The Prophecy– Pastor Brother Revealed

Fastnews Nigeria reports that a prophecy has been revealed before Yinka Odumakin’s death.

Yinka who died at 56 on Saturday after battling with respiratory problems caused by COVID-19 complications.

The Pastor elder brother of Yinka Odumakin, the late spokesperson of Afenifere, Pastor Jacob Odumakin, on Easter Monday, said a prophecy had been revealed concerning the impending death of the right activist.

Pastor Jacob, in a chat with Punch, said prayer sessions had been organised on his behalf to avert the death.

Even though the unexpected still happened, Yinka’s aged father was consoled by the clerics, the word of God and his faith in God after he was told of the death of his son while his mother remained inconsolable.

“There was a prophecy that we should pray for Yinka so that fresh tree would not fall instead of the dry one. What that means is that our dad, who is 115 years old, is alive and 56-year-old, the last child of our father is gone.”

Pastor Odumakin said the leadership of Afenifere had informed the family that the group would organise the burial of the late activist, he concluded

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