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Woman Confesses Three Reasons Why She Did Not Marry Nor Have Children At 70 Years-



Fastnews Nigeria reports the story of a 70 year old lady and the reasons behind her decisions.

Rev. Martha Mumbi, a pastor in the Anglican Church who is in her 70’s has never married or had any child. On an online interview, she explained that this was entirely out of personal choice and that she had no regrets about it.

When probed about why she made such a unique decision, she answer that three major things influenced her to do so.
The first reason was because her mother was married of at a very tender age. A few years after her marriage in1952 A State of Emergency was declared and her father was moved to Holla. Rev. Martha witnessed her mother struggle living as a single woman for many years.

Her father changed his social life after coming back from Holla and eventually re-married leaving my mother.
My mother did not agree with this and she became Mentally ill.
She was frequently admitted in Mathari Mental Hospital.

Anytime my mother deliver a baby she would get mentally unstable and become re-admitted.

She said in 1972, she entered a romantic relationship but the man cheated on her and this was the straw that broke the Camel’s back.

After my relationship broke, i made a decision never to get married or have any children.
A decision i have never taken back to this day nor regretted.
Rev. Martha is a happy single woman at 70 years and she often says to those who cares to listen that, i have no regrets about my decision.

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