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See The Popular Businessman That Supports Primate Ayodele’s Church Building-



Fastnews Nigeria reveals the business man who is sponsoring Primate Ayodele’s church building.

The man of God, who is known for saying the truth always without mincing words revealed that the Popular CEO of Sifax groups, Taiwo Afolabi has been the one.

He made it known that The billionaire businessman has been a very great kingdom financier for many years, and He has been a very good listener.

Primate Ayodele explained that He is always left in shock at the way He supports God’s work despite the fact that he also own a church

Primate revealed that Taiwo Afolabi was a major helper in the building of his 18,000 capacity church in Lagos.

During one of Primate’s humanitarian programme, the billionaire businessman was quoted saying He loves the Prophecy style of Primate Ayodele and his Humanitarian activities.

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele prayed that God should keep on blessing him, and expand his business

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