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People Who Drink “Garri” With Sugar Should Take Note Of The Following Information-



Garri consumption is not just a habit but a tradition amongst people of Nigeria. Also known as cassava flakes, which is the ideal name and since it is made from cassava tubers, “garri” is a fast food which can quickly be soaked in a desired quantity of water and with the desired ingredients added to it, it is ready to be consumed. It is considered to be a life saver as it can be afforded by people of different classes and at a very low cost price.

However, as much as this food plays an important role in the chasing away of hunger, it can as well pose as a threat to one’s health due to the use of one vital ingredients which can be hardly omitted during the preparation; sugar. It plays an important role in the preparation of this fast food as it is responsible for bringing out the sweetness of the whole mixture. However, there are some health issues which may surface as a result of the consuming c assava flakes and sugar.

This is because sugar is always needed in a large quantity and to make this claim a fact, below details that must be taken note of as according to Healthline , sugar can cause the following health defects.

  1. Foods containing sugar are known to have a certain amount of visceral fat. This belly fat is linked with illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease
  2. Sugary meals are not registered as food by the brain but end up increasing more hunger and also the body’s desire for more food.
  3. Also, too much of sugar can lead to diabetes which increases the chances of having a certain kind of cancer. This is because sugery foods also increases the body’s inflammation and also the resistance of insulin.
  4. You are likely to suffer depression if you consume foods that are rich in sugar. Findings are with the fact that high sugar diet are associated with the risk of suffering from depression.

Instead of using sugar which is dangerous to the health, other sweeteners such as honey can be a good alternative for those who cannot do without sweetness in their meals.

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