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Repectable Practitioners, friends and colleagues, Greetings to you all-



It is easier to destroy than to build. I have built for many years and will hate to watch my reputation crumble for just a crumb of a host. I have held peak positions in the industry and have contributed my quota to this industry. I will never subscribe to anything that will destroy the legacies I built.
I was called up by Emeka Ossai for a meeting at AMP office on Monday 14th September, 2020. I initially declined attendance. But when he made further entreaties and for the mutual respect we shared, I drove to AMP office same Monday morning. Upon our arrival, I noticed the presence of journalists. He informed me there of their decision to suspend AMP executives and constitute a caretaker committee in which I have been appointed a member.
I have consulted widely and extensively,
I have also been informed by my lawyer of the illegality as such committee is not recognised by AMP’s constitution.
My people from Edo chapter also called and warned me not to participate in anything that will truncate the mandate that they gave to the Peace led executives.
In view of this and in line with my moral suasion and personal principles. I humbly decline this appointment from whatever quarter it came from.
I hereby pledge my continual support for the duly elected Peace Anyiam Osigwe led exco and my respect for the AMP constitution.
Thanks for your anticipated understanding.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Nollywood
God bless AMP.

Paul Obazele
(Fmr. President, AMP)

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