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Dhul Hijjah: Five things you suppose know about dis sacred month




Wednesday 22nd July 2020 na di beginning of a new Islamic month wey dem dey call Dhul Hijjah wey be di 12th month of di lunar calendar and one of di most important for Muslims all over di world.

According to one hadith (book wey compile wetin Prophet Muhammad tok and do) e tok say no good deeds dey superior for Islam dan di one wey pesin do for di first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.

Dhul Hijjah mean ‘month wey pilgrimage dey’ for Arabic because na di month wey Muslims dey go Saudi Arabia, but dis year because of di pandemic, na only Saudi pipo go do di worship.

Di most popular tin wey go happun for dis month na di fact say Muslims go kill ram on sallah day (10th day of di month) but Muslims dey also do oda good deeds for di month according to Sheik Abubakar Yakubu wey be Imam for Kano northwest Nigeria.

Dis na some of dem.


According to di imam, e dey important for muslims to fast di complete first nine days of Dhul Hijjah before enjoying yourself with sallah meat on di tenth day.

Sheik Abubakar add say for any pesin wey no fit fast all di nine day, den make e try fast on di 9th of di month wey be ‘Arafat Day’. Dat na day wey pipo wey dey Mecca go perform important rituals while pipo elsewhere for di world suppose fast.

Quran recitation

“If pesin go dedicate just 2 hours of im day for 9 days, e go fit finish di whole recitation of Quran.

Just one hour in di morning and one hour in di evening, e dey important to read di whole Quran for di first 9 days of dis month.” Dis na wetin Sheik Abubakar yan.

E also tok say di first 9 days na special days and rewards dey boku for Quran recitation.

Family visitations

Dis also dey among di most important deeds for Dhul Hijjah according to di imam.

“Visit family and friends wey neva see in a long time, relate well with everybody and just try maintain good relations especially with your family because di reward plenti for dis month.” Im tok.

Give to di poor

Di Kano based Imam also yan say no Islamic month wey pesin dey get reward for giving out to di poor like dis one especially di first 9 days.

Sellers don already start to display dia rams for Kano northwest Nigeria

Killing of rams

Na dis one pipo sabi pass because meat dey always boku on sallah day.

According to Sheik Abubakar, dis na di best deed wey Muslims go do for dis Islamic month and di rewards plenti.

E add say make Muslims select rams wey dey healthy and don mature and also make dem no forget to share di meat with neighbours, family and friends especially pipo wey no get means to kill ram.

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