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5 Guinness World Records That Are Simple To Break

You can easily shatter these five Guinness World Records. Five rather simple records from the Guinness Book of World Records [Adomonline]



5 Guinness World Records That Are Simple To Break

You can easily shatter these five Guinness World Records. Five rather simple records from the Guinness Book of World Records.

What more records are there to break after Hilda Baci’s successful effort at setting a world record, during which she cooked for more than 100 hours?

Although it won’t be simple, breaking a world record shouldn’t be too difficult either, which is why we have listed five world records that are simple to break.

1. How many T-shirts can be folded in a minute

You can fast fold shirts and set a Guinness world record, It should be rather simple for you if you enjoy folding laundry. 31 shirts were folded in one minute, which is the current record. Do you believe you can fold as many shirts in under a minute?.

2. Most coins could be piled in a tower in under 30 seconds

By quickly stacking coins, you can break a Guinness world record, 51 coins stacked in less than 30 seconds currently holds the record for this. Any coin with a 3 mm maximum thickness is acceptable. However, only one hand should be used for such stacking, and that hand should be behind your back. After the 30 seconds are over, the stack must remain standing for an additional 5 seconds.

5 Guinness World Records That Are Simple To Break

3. The quickest way to put 24 cans in a refrigerator

Good luck with that; the current record is 5.78 seconds, which is not an easy record to surpass. You will arrange the cans in the fridge in this activity.

There are a few standard guidelines: Use a commercial refrigerator, close the door when you first open it, and make sure the cans are whole and unopened. Any can that falls or is dented or destroyed while being moved renders the attempt useless.

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4. The lengthiest movie-watching session

You can always tackle this challenge if you enjoy watching films or television shows. Because you have undoubtedly spent the entire day and night watching a movie or television show, why not challenge yourself to do so for an entire week?.

Suresh Joachim broke the record for the longest movie marathon on December 13th, 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa, by viewing films non-stop for an astounding 121 hours and 18 minutes.

Here are some broad principles to follow to be able to do this: It must take place in a public theatre, there must be two witnesses, a medical supervisor must always be present, and you can only use the loo during the 15-minute interval that follows every third film. Sleeping is not permitted, but you can eat and drink.

5. Prepare the biggest eba, pounded yam, or other food in the world

You can create the biggest eba ever.
If you attempt this with Nigerian food, you will break a record. If you enjoy cooking or have the enthusiasm for it, this one should be quite simple. Making whatever you are preparing really large is all that has to be considered.

Make careful to make soup in addition to solid food, such as eba, if you are. Don’t let the food go to waste; organise a big crowd to enjoy it. In order to prevent someone from breaking your record, be sure to move promptly.



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