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Uche Odoputa, an actor, marries in the UK (photos)

Uche Odoputa, an actor, marries in the UK (photos)



FastNews reports that Uche Odoputa, a well-known Nollywood actor, just got hitched, and he posted pictures of the event on Instagram. The wedding took place in the United Kingdom.

He thanked those who honored them on their big day and apologised for “somethings we didn’t do right.”

He wrote;

“My wife and I wants to say a very Big thank you to All that made Our day a success,We also know that there are somethings we didn’t do right..we are only but Human please forgive Us, Our guest from all over the world, our parents/family, our sponsor, all our vendors Etc all are wonderful and we love You All.#NgUc22”

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