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Peter Obi: I admire everything Father Mbaka does.

Peter Obi: I admire everything Father Mbaka does.



FastNews reports that the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has declared that he still loves Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka despite Mbaka publicly stating that he (Peter Obi) will never be Nigeria’s president.

This was mentioned by Peter Obi during an interview on Lagos’s Voice of the People, 90.3FM.

In Obi’s words;

“For me, Father Mbaka is an ordained priest of God, and as a priest remains my priest and I will always respect and show my allegiance to the Church. Whatever he says, I take it because he is my father in faith. I respect him, any day. And he is my brother. We are very close. Whenever he says something wrong, I pray over it. When he says something right, I pray over it. So, mine is prayers. Whatever he does, I love him. I don’t have any problem with him.

Whatever he says, I put it in prayer. If he says i will not be voted for because i don’t have money, my prayer is may God make this people who are collecting money to vote to see reason why they should not do so. In fact, I travelled when he said that (Peter Obi will not be president). If I was there, I would tell him, “pray for me since you are seeing this, pray for me to overcome it because, actually, that is what I tell every pastor. I meet pastors everyday who tell me, “Peter Obi this is going to happen..”. I tell them, “since you have seen it, let’s pray that it doesn’t happen.”

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