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Npower: Payment Status Changes To Pending

Npower: Payment Status Changes To Pending



Npower: Payment Status Changes To Pending

FastNews reports that some Npower Batch C Volunteers have not noticed any changes on their Npower NASIMS dashboard, if you have yet to notice any changes on your payment status on the Npower NASIMS dashboard, please exercise patience as the changes just started a few hours ago.

In the coming weeks Npower Batch C Volunteers should start receiving credit for all outstanding payments, please if you are having the failed payment issues, you will be paid as backlog, their are specific periods for backlog payments, once your name falls into that backlog payment period you will definitely be credited with your stipend.

Npower volunteers under the Non graduate category that have commenced their training should also expect payment, please take note, if you have not started your training you will not be paid.

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