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Legend, Kanu: “I’m repaying Tinubu’s Generosity.”

Legend, Kanu: “I’m repaying Tinubu’s Generosity.”



Legend, Kanu: “I’m repaying Tinubu’s Generosity.”

FastNews reports that Kanu Nwankwo, a former Super Eagles player, has explained why he is taking part in the activities planned to commemorate the 70th birthday of All Progressives Congress National Leader Bola Tinubu.

The visit of Kanu and other former players to Tinubu on Saturday sparked outrage on social media.

Kanu responded to the concerns, saying, “People are talking, please pay attention.” I’m not a politician; I’m a footballer, a proud footballer, a legend. I understand what is and is not acceptable. 22 years ago, the Kanu Heart Foundation was looking for people to help us. We only have three governors. One of them was Ahmed Tinubu. He provided funding for the foundation’s initial operations. He was there for us.

And now, it’s his 70th birthday. Why not? We also have to come and support him. “

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