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See 7 Things Girls Do When They Like You-



Fastnews Nigeria reveals what girls do when they want you.

When a girl has feelings for you, she will give you some clues that will help you know that she is interested in you, and wants a relationship with you. Sometimes girls could be very stingy with their feelings, and they know how to hide their feelings from a guy.

A girl who is in love is also prepared to do whatever it takes not just to win over the guy she is besotted with, but also to build with him a relationship that is built on trust, love, unwavering, respect, and commitment.

These are the 7 things girls only do when they have feelings for you.

  1. She will permit flirty moves from you: Naturally, women love flirts, but only when you are someone they love. You dare not try to flirt with a girl who doesn’t love you, if you try to flirt with her, she might hit or slap you. A girl who is in love with you will permit flirty moves from you. You might accidentally touch her sensitive part, she will only smile at you because she loves you.
  1. She talks about love with you: A girl who doesn’t love you won’t spend her time talking about love with you, but when a girl is comfortable talking about love matters with you, she is into you, and she wouldn’t mind “I love you” coming from you, but you don’t know. She is also trying to get your attention, and spend more time with you.
  2. She will live her life for you: The girl will reform herself, and she will be meticulous about how she looks. This doesn’t mean that she will start to fake her life for you rather she will want to become a better person for you. She will spend a lot of time, energy, and resources to look her very best for you.
  3. She cut off other guys: She won’t like to associate with other guys because she doesn’t want you to think that she is dating another guy. She will cut them off, and focus on you. Her mind is only on you, and she is waiting for you to approach her.
  4. The girl will long for you: She will always say words like “this happened, I wish you were here”, and “I miss you”. The girl will be vocal about your absence. She has feelings for you and has chosen you as the one for her.
  5. Attention seeking: The girl will try to be creative, and good, especially in whatever you love. All she wants is to get your attention, and if you pay close attention, you will notice that she is seeking your attention.
  6. She hadly finds fault in what you do: She doesn’t care about what people say about you, and her friends might tell her to forget about you because you are not a good guy, but she won’t find any fault in whatever you do. Her love for you is very strong.

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