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Amazon Of First Bank, Folake Ani-Mumuney Is 52-



How will one starts celebrating this great achiever, enigma and a woman of substance. In all spheres of life, she is outstanding and one to be proud of. You hardly see her without appreciating womanly man in her. She carries her duty and responsibility with finesse one could hardly fault, no wonder her employer bestows her with huge responsibility to hold the marketing and corporate communication of the most reputable banks in Nigeria and more especially in the third world. Still as if that is not enough, she also holds forte in the insurance sector of the bank.

As a resourceful and experienced person in the media industry and worked in reputable industries such as Dangote industry, she continues to enjoy great respect from her colleagues who gave her a lot of respect. Her qualities made her triumph as the chairperson of ADVAN in a well contested election. Today, she has turned around the association with satisfaction from the stakeholders. Apart from this, Folake who is from a humble and well respected family has taken after her disciplined parents whose contributions to orthopaedic in Nigeria would not be forgotten. She has great influence on her community and very generous to those whom she met on the way, this has indeed helped her career to blossom. Most of the philantrophic beneficiaries of this exceptional woman would never forget her as she has lifted a lot of people, unknown to her to live a better and happy home. Publishers and journalists won’t forget her role as she has interfered in many ways to shape their career. Very intelligent and with a sense of humility, it would be difficult to see a career woman like her who has done so much to humanity not to be celebrated in one form or the other by either individual or the society for her contribution to change the world. This has even earned her lifetime award in far away Ghana. Let us role out the drums to Let us celebrate one of the finesse Amazons in the corporate world, FOLAKE ANI-MUMUNEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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